Monday 22 December 2014

Beauty Youtubers That are Worth Checking Out

Does anyone else spend hopeless and borderline embarrassing amounts of time watching people put makeup on in the youtube world? Smokey eye here, another smokey eye there. I already watched five videos of the same kind of look, and I'm probably never going to recreate this myself, but I need more. I just need more.
 I decided to put together a list of my favourite beauty vloggers, some of them are people you probably already know about but maybe there will be a few that you haven't. These beautiful people brighten my days with their videos, they've got sparkling personalities and I like them all for different reasons. Here they are!

1. Kathleen (kathleenlights)

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If you don't already know who Kathleen is, I only somewhat recently discovered her and she quickly became one of my most have-to-watch people. She does some amazing makeup looks, makeup reviews and hauls for products that are incredibly affordable. I watch a lot of makeup videos and although it's a good time killer, I find myself never going out to buy any of the products that are usually so hyped up in the YouTube beauty world. I can never spend $50 on a bronzer. Kathleen is great with her makeup on a budget lifestyle, she's realistic with her hauls and her reviews and she's incredibly humble. I particularly like her reviews and unboxing videos for products she's been sent or beauty boxes she subscribes to. No matter the situation I find she's very honest about her opinion, no matter the product, and I admire that very highly in a person.

In summation: If you're looking for someone to watch who uses a lot of drugstore products in their makeup routines and reviews and someone who is very down to earth, give her a watch. Hilarious chica.

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2. Sammi (beautycrush)

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Sammi is someone I've been watching for a long time, and she's come such a long way. She's someone who's a lot of fun to watch, she's a British youtuber and does some great fashion and makeup favourites videos. Her day-to-day looks tend to stay somewhat the same, but if you're the kind of person who likes to keep it simple, she would be great inspiration. Her fashion style is very monochromatic and grungy chic (if I had to give it a label), as well she's got a lot of beautiful tattoos for which she's done multiple explanation videos. She's got great style and her sense of humour is enjoyable.

In summation: If you like to keep it simple with your makeup (and are looking for some good product recommendations), or if you're looking for a little fashion inspo, Sammi's great to watch for both. A large portion of the YouTube world is American, and although quite a few are British, if you're looking for another and haven't found Sammi, she's a lot of fun.

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3. Angelina (albinwonderland)

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Angelina is probably one of my favourite youtubers of all time, and I wish she had more subscribers! She's Canadian (holla), loves pink (can you tell?) and has an amazing brain. While she's not much like the other YouTubers I'm mentioning in that she doesn't do many general makeup look videos or product reviews, she has a great knack for costume makeup, Halloween looks and other videos of that sort. She also does some awesome chat videos where she talks about issues in general, comics, girl problems, and a lot more. I couldn't describe her channel in a single word, I don't even think I could describe it in three words. There's a big variety of content that she uploads but whatever your mood I think they're a good watch.

In summation: If you're interested in watching something a little different than you usually see, Angelina with her pink hair and pink room will definitely pink up your life. She's good good insights on a lot of topics, she's fun to watch when she does costume looks and she's an all around interesting person. 

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4. Lex (madeyewlook)

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I had so so much trouble trying to decide which picture to use for this one. I'm not even positive I'm happy with my selection. Lex is a YouTuber that does body painting and she is beyond incredible. I would dedicate an entire blog post to her, but better yet just check out her channel and flip through some of her looks. If you're someone who's wanting to get into body painting, someone who already enjoys it, or even someone who just enjoys watching the process (like myself), give her a watch! She does comic book characters, she does zombie makeup, she does her own interpretations of general objects or ideas. She's got an amazing imagination and she's a lot of fun to watch!

In summation: If you want to get into body painting or even if you're just interested in seeing it being done, Lex has an entire channel dedicated to just that. If you're looking for good recommendations for costume makeup or even if you just want to try dipping your foot into the body paint for a try, she recommends some good cosmetic palettes to use with a wide range of colours to get started.

5. Manny (mannymua)

This booooyyyy. This boy right here. His channel and his name is growing so fast, I'm not even sure it's possible you haven't anything of him at this point in time. I wanted to include Manny in my list because he is so hilarious and fun to watch. He is uncensored, unfiltered and just a god-damned hoot. He does makeup looks, often very bold eyes (which I am a big fan of) and his looks are all so different and unique, they'd be great to recreate. He also does quite a few chatting videos (like the screencap of the one I used for his post) where he talks about various things. Listening to him tell a story is just a big laugh. I had to include him. He works (or used to work, I can't remember) for MAC and has some great advice, tips, and stories on actually working in the beauty world. 

In summation: Manny is a hilarious watch, he's a character and a half and has some incredibl and unique makeup looks. Even just watching him put makeup on with zero intention of actually going to your vanity and recreating the look is fun. He's one of the few YouTubers that I know who has actually worked for a long time in the beauty world, and his stories of that experience are hilarious. 

6. Ann Le (anneorshine)

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This is the last and final YouTuber I am mentioning, and I wanted to include one of my favourites that you may not know about for DIY videos. Ann, for the most part, does DIYs and they are really cool. She does a series called DIY-mas for Christmas for do-it-yourself projects and decorations. Year round she does a lot of really cute and really amazing projects that you can easily recreate do yourself (thus DIY). You don't need to spend $60 on some amazing jewellery rack to class up your vanity, she shows you how to make one that looks incredible for very cheap. 

In summation: Ann is one of my favourite DIY YouTubers and if you're feeling creative or handy, give her a watch and I'm sure you can find something you'd like to do yourself and have fun in the process. 

Click to go to her channel.

There you have it. My list of YouTubers that you may or may not already know about. I tried to make the list as varying as possible so you would have multiple different options for new people to watc

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