Tuesday 31 March 2015

My After-shower Essentials

Hello! Today I thought I would share my must-haves for after shower care. Showering washes away a lot of essential oils that your body produces, and it dries out your skin quite a bit, so taking care of your hydration and skincare after a shower is extremely important.

I have very dry skin, unfortunately for me, so the majority of my skincare involves hydrating and moisturizing. Here are my holy grail post-shower essentials.


1. Clarins Extra-firming body lotion

This product will be good for anyone who could use a little body toning. Being real here, I carry my weight mostly in my hips and legs, and before it's bikini season I wouldn't mind toning up my butt and thighs before I'm struttin' on the beach in a two-piece.

I actually got this product as gratis when I attended Clarins' seminar for their Fall 2014 line, and I like keeping it in its box because I don't use it every time. I might use it once a week or so, and that's just fine!


2. Vaseline intensive care & advanced repair hydrating lotion

This product has a total mouthful of a name. This product is sort of a newly-discovered love, and it has totally become one of those 'oh my god how have I gone through life this long without it' products.

My boyfriend's mom actually had this in the bathroom when we went back to visit, and I forgot my normal body & face lotion, so I tried that one out and was hooked. Went out and bought my own as soon as we were home.

They have two types, unscented and lightly scented (I have the lightly scented one) and I mention this because I know there are a lot of people with skin sensitivities, particularly to scents. I might have very dry skin, but luckily for me I don't have sensitive skin, so I picked up the lightly scented one, and this makes my skin so smooth. Baby's bottom smooth. Shove your legs and arms into your friend's face and tell them to feel your skin smooth.


3. Avène eau thermale hydrating cleaning milk

When I worked as a cosmetician, one of the brands I sold was Avène and I could never recommend it enough to people with sensitive skin. Like I said, I'm not overly sensitive, but I don't like to use anything too harsh on my face, especially right after a shower when my pores are still open and my skin is tender.

I use this cleaning milk on my face (even though it's a body lotion--I break the rules) and it's great. It doesn't have any added smells, but it smells (and feels) kind of like sunscreen. Which sounds like a bit of a turn-off right off the bat, because sunscreen is greasy and lingers, but this product definitely doesn't. It feels greasy and milky when you first apply it, but it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling hydrated. I love this!


4. Yves St. Laurent Opium body powder

This product is extremely old and I'm not positive you can still obtain it in this packaging. Yves St. Laurent has a scent called Opium and you can buy body powder that's lightly scented with that fragrance. You can still buy it, however from what I've seen it comes in very different packaging now. I don't remember how long ago I got this, but it's sort of an oldie-but-goodie product that I rediscover all the time.

I love to pay this on my chest and neck after I've done all my moisturizing, and I like to do it that way because it lasts on my skin more. Right after I moisturize, my skin is still a little bit sticky and powdering parts of it make the scent last longer because it clings to that.

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Extra-Firming Body Lotion
Intensive care & advanced repair body lotion
Avène moisturizing body lotion
$15.00 - $30.00
Yves St. Laurent

I hope you enjoyed my post about moisturizing skincare, and I'd love to hear what you use after you take a shower! Let me know, I love recommendations. 

Until next time, sunshine.

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