Sunday 19 April 2015

Top 6 Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hello all! Today I thought I would talk about my favourite Instagram accounts. These people don't know I exist, I like their photos from the shadows, and I enjoy these accounts so much I almost don't like them. Does that make sense? It does to me.

These are in no particular order, I'm just going through the accounts I follow and listing the ones that I adore. These accounts are ones that I enjoy based on content and photography. I love scrolling through my insta feed in the mornings before I get out of bed, and many of my favourite instagrammers' photos just give me inspiration to start the day.

1. @kerriehessillustration
Kerrie Hess' insta is probably my favourite account. Not only are her photos just glorious but she actually does illustrations for big name companies like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and I've even got some Lancome products that have her stuff on them. She is one of my absolute favourite illustrators, and I've used/edited one of her pieces in my blog's header.

Kerrie Hess' Facebook page actually has an awesome calendar that you can download for free and have printed either by your printer at home or brought to a photo centre and printed in high quality. It's beautiful!

2. @onlydecolove
A recent find, Katerina is a Norweigan architect and if you like that Pinterest-perfect, clean, white on white interior design, then her photos are your wet dream. As a previous interior design student of two years, and decor enthusiast, she makes me want to throw out all of my furniture, buy a new house, and paint everything white. But red wine stains white pretty badly, so we're at an impass here.

3. @ohhpretty
If you like makeup photography and product photos, Jessica's insta is a great one. I've definitely been that weirdo scrolling through her feed and liking a photo that's at least 56 weeks old. Not even sorry. Her photos are the kind of photos that make you want to buy a product just because it looks so good. Those of us who are suckers for packaging and pretty things will be in trouble.

4. @stevieroseray
Another makeup and fashion account. Stevie's photos are phenomenal and I love the modern simplicity of them. Most of her photos have that high contrast black and white theme going on, and I'm in love. Monochrome is my best friend.

5. @ohmydearhandmade
Brittany's instagram feed just gives me life. She's an interior designer, runs a lifestyle blog, and is Canadian! Total full package. She posts the most beautiful photographs of interior design, lovely furniture, life, and daily inspiration for those of us who can barely manage to keep at least one room clean at a time (namely, me).

6. @makeupsessions
Clean, crisp, classic makeup photography. Who knew I'd include another one of those?! Beti's instagram has such pretty macro photography, I love looking through her feed!

Thanks for reading! If you have an Instagram account that you think I'd like (there seems to be a theme among the accounts that I follow), then let me know! If you'd like to follow me on Instagram *wink wink*, click here. I'm not as great, but we'll be friends anyway. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and as always,

until next time, sunshine!

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