Monday 7 September 2015

Why I Cancelled my Ipsy Bubscription After a Year

Near the beginning of this year, I wrote a detailed review of Ipsy from the perspective of a Canadian (who ends up paying more than double the advertised amount because of her location). If you read my original review, you'd know that at the time I wrote it I was already thinking the price I'd been paying (about $20) hadn't been worth the products received at all. I thought I would keep going anyway and see if that changed, as my tastes do, but unfortunately I still feel the same way. I've been receiving Ipsy bags for just about a year now--I believe I first subscribed around October of 2014--and I decided it was finally time I cancel my subscription. 

First of all...
It's never my intention to speak negatively about a company, which is why I want to make it very clear that Ipsy is a great service and their bags are very cute. If you're someone who lives in the United States and loves trying out new things, then Ipsy would be worth trying out. However, as I live in Canada and honestly pay double what I should be for these products, it's just not worth it for me and I don't think what I'm receiving is worth what I'm paying. I think Ipsy is an awesome company and I'm sad that it didn't work out for me the way I'd hoped it would. This blog  post is from my own perspective and my own experience!

Why I cancelled
Upon looking back at all the products I've received from these bags, I don't think I use any on a regular basis. I don't mean to say that the products I've received aren't good--they're fine, I just haven't gotten a single product that I've immediately thought 'this is amazing!!' and of all the samples I've had the pleasure of trying out, I've not once considered going out to buy the full sized product. 

Why didn't I cancel sooner? I'm not sure. I'm normally very frugal when it comes to makeup and beauty in general, and I know that's not a very popular trait amongst my fellow bloggers, but there's just something that excites me about beauty subscriptions. I'm very set in my ways when it comes to beauty, and because of that I don't always feel comfortable shelling out money on products I haven't yet tried. Having a subscription meant I was able to try out a fair amount of products for a cheaper price and it allowed me to discover new brands I likely wouldn't have otherwise known existed. Aside from that, who doesn't love getting mail? I always had something to look forward to opening mid-month!

When I reflect, though, I do wish I'd cancelled sooner. Paying $20.00 a month for the 5-minute joy of opening products was not worth it because after I opened the bag, a lot of the products ended up in a pile with other makeup I never reach for and to me that's just a waste of money that could be better spent on products I know I will enjoy. 

I also found that a lot of the products I was receiving didn't necessarily match my beauty profile (the one I set up when I first subscribed). Your bag is supposed to be somewhat catered to your beauty preferences but I haven't found that it has... It might just be because I'm extremely picky, but I digress. 

My experience with cancelling
The process for cancelling my subscription was fairly quick and painless. Ipsy did, however, guilt trip me quite a lot, haha. It was almost a little humourous, but slightly obnoxious as well if I might be completely honest. Once I clicked 'cancel subscription' I had a popup asking me if I was absolutely sure! Am I positively, absolutely, 100% SURE I want to cancel? There were two buttons on the popup; a giant 'NEVERMIND' button so that I could change my mind, and a teeny-tiny 'cancel subscription' button that I almost didn't see right away. 

Upon clicking that, I was brought to another screen. ARE YOU SUUUUUURE you want to cancel? You will be missing out on this and that, and if you change your mind after cancelling you might have to be put back on the waiting list! Are you suuuuuuure.... and once again, giant 'NEVERMIND' button and tiny 'cancel subscription' button. 

After I clicked cancel both times, they sent an email to the address I signed up with in order to confirm my cancellation, and then with the authorization link in that email, it was quick to complete. Aside from the silly guilt-tripping, my cancellation process was easy and I highly doubt I'll have any issues with billing post-cancellation.

Thanks for reading guys and I'm interested to know: If you subscribe to Ipsy, do you enjoy your bags and their contents? Is there anything you've received that you now consider a holy grail product? 

I'd also really like to hear your opinions on other subscription services! Please let me know your thoughts as I'd like to try something else out.

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

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