Wednesday 12 September 2018

Esqido Mink Lashes: First Impression & Review | PR

Hey everyone, long time no chat. I thought I'd kick things off again after a while of taking a break from my blog with a quick first impression and review of Esqido Mink Lashes. Esqido was nice enough to contact me and send me a pair of lashes of my choice as well as their lash glue. I took a bit of a hot minute to test both out and I'm excited to share my opinions!

The lashes that I picked out were these ones; big, fluffy, and just my style when it comes to falsies. I also received their eyelash glue, which you can find here.

It's been months since I received them and I've had a lot of time to test out their wearability and re-wearability, as well as a lot of time to test out their lash glue both on the lashes I received and on other pairs from other brands. Since I received them, I moved cross-country and changed jobs, so I've been extremely busy. I actually re-purchased two sets of the Companion glue recently, as well as another pair of lashes, so, spoiler alert: I'm a fan! Here are my thoughts on what I received overall:

The Lash Selection
The Lashes on Esqido range in price from anywhere between $28.00 and $32.00, which honestly for someone who has been buying Ardell [read: drugstore] lashes from the get-go, is a bit steep. I tend to stick to cheaper-quality lashes as I wear lashes daily and I've never been able to justify spending more than $10.00 on a single pair. If Esqido hadn't contacted me I probably wouldn't have purchased a pair for myself.

Now that I've tried them, I can say that the quality justifies the price. Obviously, when you spend more on a high quality lash, you're getting more out of them (as long as you take care of them) than you would a cheap pair. I've worn these about 10-15 times over the last few months and they still look brand new. The shape has held up, the lashes are still fluffy, and they haven't lost their luster.

They've got a wide selection of lashes from fluffy to natural and I actually like most of them. I'm quite picky with lashes because I've got almond eyes and I find that certain lashes emphasize aspects of my eyeshape that I don't like; but I would realistically wear about 80% of the lashes on the site. Of course, being me, I picked a big fluffy lash to try out so I can only comment on how that looked on me. Recently I purchased a more toned-down pair of lashes and I love them as well. They're very fluffy and they maintain their quality consistently.

Pictured above: The lashes, applied using the Esqido eyelash adhesive.

The Quality & The Thoughts
I really liked the lashes! They were extremely beautiful and actually a lot fluffier on my eyes than they looked in the packaging. I was pretty surprised. I felt like I could bat my eyes and take flight. The band on them is a little longer on both corners than the lash itself, which really helps to keep them on all day, but I did find the band a little long for my eye. That's pretty typical I've found with lashes as it's better for them to be a touch too big than too small, so I'm sure trimming them would be no issue.

Every time I've worn these, it's been from morning to evening and I've not felt the edges lifting at all, which could both be a reflection on the quality of the lash itself, and the glue- which brings me to the next part of the review: the glue!

The Lash Glue
Let me just stay that the Revlon Precision Lash Glue was my ride-or-die for years and I was heartbroken when it became discontinued. I've tried so many lash glues over the years and found that so many of them irritated my eyes and/or didn't do a good enough job of keeping my lashes on throughout the day. Nothing drives me up the wall more than looking in the mirror a few hours into my day and noticing that the corner of my eyelashes are raised.

When the Revlon Lash Glue became discontinued, I started using the Duo Eyelash Adhesive (which retails for anywhere between $8.00 - $12.00 depending on where you shop) and it has come close to filling my heart with as much joy and happiness as the Revlon glue did. Understandably, I was mildly skeptical about the glue before I tried it because I feel very hate-or-love with lash glues and if they're not a total win they're an absolute loss for me.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue and I would 100% purchase it again. It retails on their website for $10.00 which is a very reasonable amount and doesn't stray far from what I'm used to paying for a standard eyelash glue. I really like the brush-tip applicator on the glue as it helps with precision application onto the lash strip. I prefer brush-tips to squeeze tubes because I find they're cleaner, neater, and I end up wasting less product with a brush-tip. Squeeze tubes always splurt (gross word, sorry) out more than I intend to use. Overall the glue is a huge thumbs up from me!! At the point I'm writing this, I have already gone through one whole tube and purchased two more tubes. As with most glues with the brush-tip applicator, the opening did get kind of globby and sticky near the end of its lifespan, but I've never run into a lash glue that didn't do that. I was able to use the glue literally until the last drop and scraped the edges of the tube before finally tossing it.

Overall Thoughts
I like these lashes and the glue a lot! I'm very impressed and pleased. The glue dried clear and kept my lashes on all day, the lashes were fluffy and beautiful and flattered my eyes, the packaging was bougie AF and I didn't even want to open the package when it came; so, overall, huge win.

I will say that I'm more likely to repurchase the lash glue than I am another pair of lashes. I still find the lashes a bit pricy for me, but the glue is a good price and doesn't hurt the bank much at all. The glue absolutely won me over and I'm happy about it. If you don't mind shelling out a tad for some really nice high-quality lashes, I would definitely recommend Esqido. The shipping was fast and the quality of them is high. I'm going to continue to save my lashes for "occasions" so I don't wear them out too quickly. I may purchase another more natural pair so that I have one of each.

Huge thanks to Esqido for contacting me and sending me a few things to try. I've gotten a new favourite lash glue out of it, and hopefully I've given a good review to anyone who may have been on the fence about trying out a pair of mink lashes. I've already purchased another pair of lashes since these were sent to me and I'm a happy shopper. Worth the money.


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