Saturday 11 April 2015

Spring Fashion & Accessories Haul

I did a bad thing yesterday! Let me just explain myself first. I was at work yesterday afternoon, bartending for a small group of people that booked a hall last minute, and while trying to open a new box of wine, it sprayed all over my nice white shirt. Halfway through the shift. It looked like a murder scene. Before you say it, I tried club soda and it didn't work. It lessened the stains, but on pure white you can still see the sorrow. So, I plan on bleaching it next time I get a chance, but after I finished work I went to the mall to get another white shirt just in case my bleaching process fails horrendously (and uh... any excuse to shop).

Well, I ended up spending way more than I should have. Does anyone else have major issues with that? Going to the store for one thing in particular and then leaving with like 3 shirts, a cactus plant, and a ferret? Yeah, me too. I'll see you at the meetings.

Nevertheless, I justify it as a mini splurge and reward to myself for working really hard the past week. When you're young and all your money goes toward your car, your groceries, your rent, your whatever, it's nice to have a little extra money sometimes and treat yourself. It makes up for all the nonsense our paychecks go toward on a regular basis.

Today I wanted to share with you what I bought at H&M yesterday! It isn't a huge haul, but I'm extremely excited about everything I bought.


Wedge-heel sandals | H&M

I have been on the hunt for peep-toe wedge sandals for a while now, and it's hard to find some seriously cute ones for a good price. While I was at the store yesterday, I spotted these and then just fell in love. Usually chunky boots and wedges are my thing because they're more comfortable and I can wear them for a long time without my feet hurting.

I bought these without trying them on first, in size 9.5 US (the largest size they come in-- now I feel like big foot), and after wearing them I would say they're true to size. With heels, I usually go about a size up because they tend to be more narrow and built a bit smaller to fit snug, so a size up for me would be 9.5. They have an adjustable strap at the ankle so you can really tighten them and get them to fit your foot just right. They're faux-suede on a braided jute wedge, and the sole of the shoe is a faux-leather cushion making them quite comfortable. I can't wait until the weather warms up even more and I can wear these with a bangin' pedicure and some dark skinnies.

Canadian website | CAD $59.95
American website | USD $49.95


Crystal Pendant Necklace | H&M

I've kind of been loving these rock-cut crystal pendant pieces lately, they've got an ethereal/bohemian vibe to them and they're just really pretty in the Spring time, so when I saw this necklace in the Divided collection, I had to pick it up. I really like this piece because even though there are others like it, no two rocks are the exact same so anyone else buying the same piece of jewellery won't have the same crystal shape or size. I think it's absolutely beautiful and I'm excited to wear this during the day; the sun reflecting off of it will be gorgeous.

I wasn't able to find this same necklace on either the Canadian or the American website, which is odd as I just bought it yesterday, but I found some Etsy alternatives (that I'm in love with and might purchase myself as well...)

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace Pendant | CAD $12.87
Long Crystal Necklace - Amethyst, Rose, & Clear Quartz | CAD $18.08
Natural Moonstone Crystal Necklace* | CAD $7.71
*These ones don't come with a chain, just the pendant! You can buy a chain for a couple of dollars at any hobby store.


Multistrand beaded necklace | H&M

This piece is my pop of colour for the next while. If you know me at all, you know the colour scheme for my outfits varies from black to white, and touches on every shade of grey in between. I like having monochromatic outfits with a slight pop of colour in my accessories, whether it's earrings, or my necklace, or my shoes. So when I saw this on the jewellery rack, I picked it up. Dark reds are one of my favourites hues ever and I think they flatter my skin tone nicely. 

I'm not huge on the shape/type of necklace this is, if I'm being perfectly honest. Beads and multistrand necklaces aren't typically my thing-- I like pendants and single chains, but for some reason this piece still caught my eye and I really love the bold colour of the beading. 

Multistrand Necklace | CAD $14.95


Ivory top with lace details | H&M

This top is essentially what I went to the mall to find. I didn't have a specific idea of what I wanted when I went there, but when I saw this I really liked it. It's perfect for what I need; it's the right colour, it's not sleeveless, and it's a bit slouchy which is my favourite style of T-shirt. The material for this shirt is incredibly soft and plush, so I'm super excited to play around with it.

Top with lace details | CAD $19.95


White draped top | H&M

I am so excited about this one. I wish any pictures I put up could do it justice, but they can't. This top's material is so soft and light, it's flowy and drapey and so perfect for warm weather. I'd love to wear this with my black tie belt cinched at the wait. I had that idea in mind when I bought this top!

I'm actually really excited to wear this piece bra-less or with a bikini. I'm not overly well-endowed and I've just been loving that no-bra-flowy-top look like the model has, so we'll see if I can pull it off just as nice as I'm picturing I can in my head.

White draped top | CAD $14.95


Black braided belt | H&M

I bought this belt because I've been meaning to buy just a plain, thin, easy to manage black belt either for holding up pants or for cinching the waist as an outfit piece, and this one does both! I really love this belt actually and I got it because it's very easy to tie around in different ways. 

Braided belt | CAD $6.95


Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed my Spring H&M fashion haul! I'm super excited to put these pieces into outfits, and I hope I inspired you to do a little Spring shopping yourself.

What outfits are you loving for the warm weather?

Until next time, sunshine!

Note: Nothing in this post is sponsored, I just really like the store and I wanted to share my purchases with you! Both photos of the tops are from the H&M website.

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