Friday 28 August 2015

A Newfound Silver Obsession: jewellery haul

Gold and rose gold has been taking over the fashion and beauty world these past couple of years, and I could not be happier about that. I always thought gold was so versatile; it could be dressed up in a classy night-out sort of way, or dressed down in a bohemian-chic sort of way. I love(d) gold. For the past, I wanna say... five years, the only jewellery I've bought myself has been gold. Lately, however, I've found myself just plain obsessing over silver jewellery. Where did this come from? I have no idea! I've been feeding my recent silver-obsession with a few jewellery purchases, and I thought I would share them with y'all.

Last weekend my boyfriend's parents were visiting from Ontario and we did a lot of 'touristy' activities (hello, gift shops!!!) so I picked up a few cute things from various attractions and outdoor markets, etc. I've also recently started a new job and have just been wearing these pieces to death. Time for some more shopping... must expand my silver collection before I obsess over something else. Here's what I picked up!

*Please bear with me, since I moved I haven't been able to find my camera's battery charger so I'm using my iPhone to take photos! They aren't of the greatest quality*

01. Turquoise teardrop earrings
For someone who always buys neutral jewellery, I was surprised that these stood out to me. I actually got these at the gift shop from Peggy's Cove (lighthouse attraction on the ocean here in Nova Scotia) and I got Chris to pick them up for me (teehee). They were $14.99 and they just look so beautiful.

02. Silver midi-rings
I got these rings myself from H&M, and they came in a set of maybe seven or eight rings. Some were full-size rings, most were dainty above-the-knuckle rings. I wasn't a huge fan of the larger rings in this set, actually, I find it difficult to find nice silver jewellery that doesn't look cheap or gaudy (which I thought these did) but I bought the set for their cute little midi rings. I think they're adorable. If I remember correctly, the set was around $6.99. 

03. Opal Earrings & Necklace Set
My boyfriend's mom actually bought these for me, and I love them. We went to an outdoor market and of course that always means people selling home-made jewellery! Every time I go into a craft store, I walk through the jewellery aisles and just lust over the chains and pieces and I always tell myself one day I'll make my own jewellery. These pieces look great with the light reflecting through them.

04. Pearl bracelet
I got this one at the Peggy's Cove gift shop as well, and it's really cute! I love pearls, and this goes really nicely with the earring & necklace set I picked up at the outdoor market. I'm not a massive fan of bracelets because I've got very small wrists and hands, and I just find that most bracelets either fall right off, or fall around all over my arm whenever I move it. This one is so perfect, though, and it fits my wrist as though it was made for it. I bought this for $10.99.


That's it, that's all! I've been wearing all of these accessories religiously as of late, and I'm glad I was able to share them with you. If you're like me and you always go for gold accessories, try silver! I hope I inspired you to try something different.

Until next time, sunshine,

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