Thursday 27 August 2015

5 Pinterest Work Inspiration Outfits

I've just started a new job in an administrative field, and I've had to take a long, hard look at my wardrobe. I realized that I really don't have a lot of business-casual attire, and for someone that wants to look cute every Monday-Friday for, well, ever, I really don't have enough clothing to do so (I tell myself in order to justify my need to shop...). As such, I've recently taken to Pinterest to pin some inspiration for future work-attire-related purchases!

If you could use a little fashion inspiration, whether it's for work or just because, then I'm with ya! I tend to lean more toward the darker spectrum of the colour wheel, and jeans are my best friend. It's not always easy to work with that, but I'm excited to hopefully try some of these out once I get to the mall. All of these pins are coming from my board on Pinterest, Fashion

Originally from Wendy's Lookbook!
01. Mid-week comfort.
I love that this ensemble is so monochromatic but it really pops because of the varying textures (in love with that blazer). I would wear this on a Friday because it's just leggings and a loose top. The outfit was classed up with a textured blazer and some knee-highs, but the minute the clock strikes at the end of the day, I wouldn't even change out of this. 

Bonus: If you work somewhere you wouldn't want to wear the blazer indoors, pair this outfit with a statement necklace to add extra class to a comfy ensemble.

Originally found on Brooklyn Blonde!
02. Pop of burgundy.
This is the dream. Basic skinnies with a warm, chunky, scarf and a burgundy bag. This picture alone makes me want to run out and buy this bag. Where's it from? Take my money! I love this outfit because, again, it's so basic (jeans and a T!) but a pop of such a rich, warm, colour really makes this outfit stand out. I work at a desk and sit for most of my day, so even those shoes would be bangin' for me, but I would switch them out for a chunkier boot if I were going to be walking around. 

Bonus: This outfit is the perfect excuse to pull of a messy bun. Unwashed hair or just plain lazy? Throw it up. The chunky scarf takes up most/all of the neck space, so a messy bun would be just cute!

03. Work-appropriate rocker-chic.
If you've ever picked up a pair of leather skinnies and have yet to wear them because you haven't been sure you could pull them off, this might be a great way to test the waters with them. I love the toned-down rocker vibe I get from this outfit and even if it were worn with black jeans instead of leather skinnies, the dual-textured jacket and leather gloves would really work with it. The large pendant necklace may not be for everyone, but switch it out with some chunky earrings and a wavy ponytail.

Originally found on Hello Fashion!
04. Friday casual.
These distressed jeans and suede booties! Waaaant! I love the upscale casual vibe I get from this outfit, and the ripped jeans with the charcoal boots make a great juxtaposition of casual and formal. The fitted flowy white top with simple gold chains is really cute.

Bonus: Switch out the cardigan for a fitted blazer and really kick the outfit up a notch!

Unsure of original source!
05. Modest sex appeal.
I had to have one with a skirt! I have so many skirts that I would wear to work, but not only am I always cold (and pantyhose is such a pain...) but I have trouble putting together an outfit, that includes a skirt, that doesn't look too "sexy" in my opinion. I really love this because not only can you wear it on a chillier day as it covers you up quite a bit, but it's very form-fitting and yet modest.

Bonus: Instead of a turtle-neck sweater, pair this skirt with a flowy short-sleeved top for warmer months!


I hope you enjoyed my fashion-inspiring post for work-appropriate outfits! I'm sorry I haven't posted too much lately, particularly in the way of beauty, but as I've just started a new job and just gotten out of a two-month long rut of joblessness after my move, it's not only been rough to find the time and inspiration lately to post, but I've not been able to make any cosmetic-related purchases! I'm excited to get back on my feet in the next month or so and renew my love for browsing beauty departments (this time without cluthcing my wallet and crying)...

What are some of your favourite fashion-related Pinterest boards to follow? Let me know! I'm always pinning and would love some new inspiration.

Until next time, sunshine!

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