Saturday 21 March 2015

Five Reasons You Should Start a Blog

For a really long time I had always wanted to talk about my thoughts, my life, and my general views on everything but I always told myself that no one would listen. There are a million and one YouTube channels out there, there are five million and one blogs out there; who would care about mine? It isn't a cynical or a negative way to think, it's just a realistic approach to putting yourself out there, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks, or has thought this.

I'd like to share five reasons why you should start a blog, because if you have something you want to say, and you think people should listen, then do it. If you enjoy travelling, then make a travel blog. Share your photos and tell the world what you think of the places you've been. If you like makeup, share your thoughts with the beauty community. Here's why you should start the first day of the rest of your blogging life.


1. Blogging is a happy commitment
I have a lot of trouble starting something and sticking to it. I think most of us do. I'm always very excited to discover a new fun thing, and then I put all of my energy into it for a short amount of time and get bored alarmingly quickly.

It's a good thing to commit to something you enjoy, and to something that can and will benefit you in the long run. Come up with a blogging schedule, give yourself time to write things down and keep at it. I find routine very calming, and actually very relaxing, and there's just something incredibly soothing about sitting down in the morning with a hot cup of tea, or coffee, and writing.


2. It gets you into social networking
I've never been one for the social networking myself; I made a Facebook account when it first came about and for years and years I didn't see the point of Twitter (still don't), Instagram, Google+, all that. To me they were all the same thing and I only needed one. But blogging really thrusts you into networking, and in a good way. It's a tad overwhelming at first but once you get used to it, and once you find people through your blog who have the same or similar interests, networking with them really brightens up your day. It's a nice feeling to have followers, and there's nothing wrong with seeing the number of people who enjoy your content go up.


3. It makes you want to be better
I've always said not to believe the life that people put out in the open. Browsing someone's Instagram page and thinking their life is perfect is easy; of course someone is only going to upload the best for everyone to see, and it's easy to believe their life is really like that. Their photos are always perfect (filters help), their selfies flawless... it's a recipe for wishing you looked like that all the time. And even if you know that it's not real, you want your life to seem that awesome to a total stranger, too. You want your photos to look amazing and your selfies to be 'BAM' and your blog to be beautiful.

It makes you want to be better. If picking up the camera and practicing some of your shots comes from owning a blog and wanting it to be great like that one you saw last night and envied, then that's a good thing. If you find yourself dressing up a little more often to take a selfie or two, there's no harm in that. It's a feel good thing. Having a blog means putting a little more of your life out there, just as much or as little as you want, and it makes you want to improve it so that you can blog about it.


4. It's tension-releasing
No matter who is in your life, there are always times when you feel like there are things you can't say. I often feel like there's no safe place to share my thoughts, many are braver than I. While I don't post controversial opinions and one-sided argumentative posts on my blog, I write about the things that matter to me and having a blog means people may read it, or they may not. I'm not posting about my opinion on a social network where all of my friends will see it, and potentially remove me because my interests don't match theirs and it's annoying.

Blogging is a shy person's safe haven. You may post whatever you like, whatever interests you, and only the people who enjoy it will spend their time reading it (let's hope) so you never have to hold back.


5. You are never bored
I'm not the only one who sometimes sits on my laptop and does absolutely nothind and everything all at the same time for terrible amounts of time. There are times I don't feel like sitting down and watching Netflix, I want to be doing something. So I check my emails, nothing there... I look at Pinterest, pin a few things, get bored, move on to YouTube. I catch up on my subscriptions, and look for something new.

This happens a lot, and it's embarrassing. Blogging has removed that for me. It gives me something to do and something to feel busy doing whenever I want to feel productive and yet lazy at the same time. I'm still sitting in bed with no pants on drinking coffee, but I'm building something, I'm creating something and that's more than someone else might be able to say.


I hope these thoughts were helpful
If you decide to take my advice and start a blog, share it with me. I hope you find at least one of these ideas helpful, and even if you don't stick to blogging, you'll have tried it and that's never a bad thing.

Good luck, happy blogging, and until next time, sunshine!

Thank you to DeathtoStock for the photo!

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