Sunday 22 March 2015

March Floral Fantasy Ipsy Bag

Hello, loves! I endured a six hour drive home today after a mini-vacation and was happy to find my Ipsy bag at the door waiting for me. Today I want to talk about this month's bag, and my first impressions of the products. I wrote a detailed review of Ipsy as a company here if you're interested in reading that first.

So this month's theme was 'Floral Fantasy' which in my opinion has been one of the better themes in the last few months. I'm not certain the products reflect these ideas, I only really see the bag's design change in correspondence but I like this bag.

I have to say that for the first time in a while, I like nearly everything in my bag. Twice in the last few months have I received a product that I was allergic to and had to throw away, so I'm extremely excited to put these products to good use.

1. Purlisse 4-in-1 gentle soy milk cleanser
I usually honestly dislike facial products in my bags, because I have dry skin and I find less is more when it comes to my face washing habits. I know what works for me, and I use it consistently. This product I'm very excited about though, gentle milk cleansers are usually great for dry skin and the size of the sample product seems like it will last me about two weeks, which is more than enough time to figure out if this is something I would go out and buy.

When I posted my photo of Ipsy's March bag on my Instagram, Purlisse liked it and left a comment telling me to enjoy my cleanser. I'm sure they left similar comments on many other photos, but it always brightens my day and makes me like a brand that much more when they take the time to come on down to earth and communicate with their customers. Good on them!

If you are interested in this product, or didn't get it in your bag and would have liked to, use the code 'IpsyMarch30' for 30% off & free samples with your purchase.

2. Healthy Sexy Hair soy renewal creme argan oil
This is a hair product, and I typically enjoy these less than face products; however, this one seems to be somewhat of a heat-protecting oil treatment for your hair that claims to renew and moisturize. Ideal for normal to fine hair? Okay in my books! I've got very fine hair, a lot of it, and it certainly needs some revitalizing so I am excited to give this a whirl.

Texting the code 'IPSY' ro 33233 will give you an even better offer than 20% off at I haven't tried this, but go for it!

3. Milani nail polish
I actually kind of like receiving nail polishes, even though I'm set in my ways and picky with the colours I like. Ipsy has done pretty well so far at giving me colours I would wear, and I do wear them. This one though... I'm not sure. I do think this product fits the theme of floral fantasy, it's very Spring and very bright. It reminds me of flowers and the bright colours of the warm weather, which is a lovely feeling to invoke in anyone.

All that being said, I'm not a fan of light nail polishes. I have yet to find one that isn't too sheer. When I put more than one coat on of a light colour, it looks cakey and terrible. I'm pale, too, so light colours on my nails just don't go, in my opinion. It's a lovely colour, and I will test it out to see how it applies, but I might be giving this one to a friend.

The code 'IPSY2015' gets you 20% off of any purchase at Milani Cosmetics. Happy shopping!

4. Nyx butter lipstick
I've heard very good things about the Nyx butter lipsticks many times before, and I was excited to know that I was getting one this month! They had three shades available for the subscribers; one that's a very vibrant purple, one that's a barbie pink, and the one I received that is a very neutral brown-toned shade. I don't wear many browns, or neutrals for that matter, but I think given the other two colours, I'm most likely to wear this one.

Using the code 'NYXBUTTER' at Nyx Cosmetics will get you 25% their butter lippies. They retail for $6.00, so the code is pretty generous and they have a ton of beautiful shades.

5. Evelyn Iona cream concealer
Last but not least, concealer! Yay! I was really excited to know that I was receiving this because I'm not picky with concealers as long as they're at least somewhat the right shade for me. This one didn't swatch great, but I'm thinking it was because my glam bag package was outside for a day before I came home and perhaps cream concealer doesn't swatch so well when it's been sitting in the cold.

Ipsy always seems to include at least one product each month that's gluten free, or cruelty free, and this one is both! I think it's great that they include brands that are usable for people who prefer cruelty free, or for people that require gluten-free. It's nice to discover new ones.

'IPSY2015' at Evelyn Iona for 20% off your entire purchase!

That's it, that's all
Thanks for reading my thoughts about my Ipsy bag this month, I hope you enjoyed it. If you subscribe to this subscription box, what did you get? What did you want & did you like your products? Let me know!

Disclaimer: Photo taken by me. Discount codes from, no affiliation.

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