Tuesday 19 May 2015

Fashion Accessories: Haul & Favourites

Hello again! Recently, as a bit of a present to myself after working nonstop the past two-three weeks, I did a little shopping! I drove into the city with a girl friend and we hit up the mall, a few stores here and there, the beauty counter... we went a little crazy. Since it was the May long weekend, every store we saw was having massive sales, so I ended up coming home with bags and bags full of stuff, and my wallet didn't hurt too badly!

I wanted to share with you my favourite accessories from my giant haul. Most of what I bought was honestly jewellery, shoes, and accessories, because I feel like those are the things that really put an outfit together. I'm kind of a basic black-tank-and-jeans kind of girl, but my accessories are what makes me go from "has a lot of cats and not a lot of friends" to "bammin' slammin' damn girl you jammin'"

Faux Stone/Quartz Pendant Necklace | $9.00

"Take your outfit to a whole 'notha level with a long necklace like this. Perfect for amping up that basic tee and jeans combo" -- urban planet website.
My god. It's like they wrote that description just for me, right?

This necklace (Urban Planet) comes in a few different colours, but I opted for the black and white. Obviously. It comes down quite low and if I had one complaint it would be that it's a heavy piece so it bounces quite a bit when I walk, and doesn't always stay right-side-up (stone facing outward). Other than that, I love it and I got it 40% off!

Boho Gold Feather Dangle Earrings | $9.95

I couldn't resist picking these earrings up (H&M) when I saw them. I always love earrings that might seem like too much for other people. Nope, not me! The feathers on these earrings add sort of a bohemian vibe, but the gold strands and hoop make them look very dreamy and ethereal--almost like elegant little dreamcatchers. I just love them. They look amazing with any basic dark tank top, and they really pop against my dark hair.

Elegant Gold 'hoop' earrings | $ 6.95

I picked these up (H&M) along with my dangly feather earrings, and they're still in the package! I only got them 3-4 days ago and I have yet to wear them but I'm still so taken by these earrings. I called them 'hoop' earrings because they wear sort of like hoops in that you can only really see the full earring from the side. If that makes sense. The part that goes through your ear is the curved part at the top, and they hang sideways. Lovely earrings!

Gold-rimmed sunglasses 

As if I need more sunglasses, I ended up grabbing these as well. It was 40% off everything in the store, so I grabbed 'em, otherwise I probably would have been more fickle, because I already have so many pairs of sunglasses! I really do like these ones, though, and I love that they're gold-rimmed and have a light pink plastic part over the ear (I don't wear glasses, what's that part called?). 

They're very comfortable to wear, I love the way the world looks entirely Sienna-coloured when I wear them. I wore them during a sunset last night and it just made everything look a little more warm and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul & fashion favourites lately! Have a lovely rest of the week, and I'll see you soon.

Until next time, sunshine!

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